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The man behind the study

Meet the man, which has brought this whole study together.

With government funding to upgrade the lighting in the biology research lab, he knew it was the right time to upgrade to one of the highest useful light LEDs on the market today. These science focused LEDs were the reason for the switch to the AquaRay LEDs.

Walter Hatch

Professor of Biology

Departments: Biology
Office: Schaefer 218
Email: wihatch@smcm.edu
Phone: 240-895-4368

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B.A. Tufts University 1961; MS Tufts University 1965; PhD Boston University marine Program 1974

Research Interests:

My research interests are in the areas of environmental physiology and chemical ecology of tropical marine invertebrates.  My students and I are currently working on the chemistry and ecological significance of toxins produced by marine flatworms.  We are also investigating the chemistry and ecological significance of molecular communication in soft corals and zooanthids. The organisms we work with produce other secondary metabolites as well including un described antibiotics and neurotransmitters.  The projects in my lab, thus, lead to natural collaboration with Dr. Koch, Dr. Byrd, and Dr. Coughlin and their students working in the areas of natural product chemistry, microbiology, and neuro pharmacology respectively. In addition we also collaborate with Dr. Tanner on the chemical ecology of plant animal interactions.